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Case study


Raleigh's ride to
digital success.

In the competitive world of cycling, Raleigh stands as a brand with a rich heritage and a passionate customer base.

Despite their strong market presence, Raleigh sought to improve their digital engagement and drive more traffic through modernised marketing strategies. Partnering with Candid Digital, Raleigh aimed to revitalise their organic social media and email marketing channels to connect more effectively with cycling enthusiasts and boost online interaction.

This case study explores how a strategic approach not only achieved the highest monthly email traffic in over six months but also provided ongoing support for website management, product updates, and promotional campaigns.

Social media management
Email marketing
Website management

Our aims.

Our primary goal was to significantly enhance Raleigh’s engagement with their audience through robust management of their organic social media and email marketing channels. We also aimed to reinvigorate their digital communications.

Additionally, we sought to streamline and improve Raleigh’s website functionality and customer interaction by managing product uploads, review management, and promotional content, ensuring a seamless user experience that supports sales and brand loyalty.

how we did it.

To increase Raleigh’s digital presence and engagement, we implemented a multifaceted approach that addressed both broad and specific needs. First, we overhauled Raleigh’s organic social media strategy by curating high-quality, brand-relevant content aimed at fostering engagement and community growth.

In parallel, we restarted their email marketing campaigns, focusing on targeted messaging and optimised send times to maximise open rates and click-throughs, which quickly resulted in the highest monthly email traffic Raleigh had seen in over six months.

Here's what they had to say:

On the website front, we provided ongoing support and management to enhance user experience and operational efficiency. This included regular updates of product listings and promotional content, alongside proactive review management to maintain a positive and responsive brand image. Each element was designed to not only attract but also retain customer interest, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

The results.

The strategic enhancements implemented across Raleigh’s digital marketing channels led to immediate and significant results. Our revamped email marketing strategy delivered the highest monthly email traffic Raleigh had seen in over six months, marking a major milestone in their digital outreach efforts. The optimised timing and content of these campaigns significantly increased engagement rates, driving more consistent traffic to the website.

Social media efforts were similarly successful. Engagement metrics showed a marked increase, with higher interaction rates on posts and a noticeable boost in follower growth. On the website, streamlined processes for product uploads and promotions, along with efficient review management, improved the overall user experience, encouraging longer site visits and increased customer satisfaction.

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